'YoniVerse' - Art from The Chrysalis , Art Prints/ Shipping Included

'YoniVerse' - Art from The Chrysalis , Art Prints/ Shipping Included

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'YoniVerse' A container for creation, A place of Becoming,the Ultimate Chrysalis

⚡️Bring this Inspiration into your Heart & Space⚡️

Offered as Signed & numbered limited edition of 50  thick lustrous high-quality ArtPrints; 16x20/ $139, 24x36/ $229 & 36x48 / $319.

All prints will be come with Certificate of Authenticity and Information about the Piece. SHIPPING INCLUDED. Prints will be created together at the closing of the show, Artwork can be expected by Mid March!
If you want a special size or material I can tailor to your custom needs, please see print details at the end of this information. 

The Ankh symbol-often referred to as the Key of Life-has been a symbol of everlasting Life pre Ancient Egypt. The Ankh is often shown in the carved hands of Egyptian pharaohs, the Gods Osiris, Isis, Ra & a multitude of others. They were often placed in sarcophagi to ensure life after death- preserving their immortality.

      As a more physical connotation: the Ankh may represent water, air, and the sun, which provide and preserve life.

  The Ankh can signify the cohesion of heaven and earth, interlinking male and female symbols, or ceremonial girdles.

To me the Ankh has always represented the original Creation Space- the Sacred Womb -uterus, ovaries & vagina.  Where DNA, organic Sacred Information, is placed when two become One, to combine and evolve into Life. This Womb Space is the Gateway of the Universe, it is infinite life- every soul is birthed thru this portal…..The Yoniverse.

In this opening is an Egg, symbolic of renewal, new life, rejuvenation & spring. Specifically the Red Egg of Mary Magdalene-  Mary , when announcing her Partner Jesus resurrection to the Emperor of Rome, was met with doubt saying that the egg she held has as much chance of turning red as Jesus does rising from the dead.  The egg in her hand instantly turned red! 

Inside the Egg is the Masculine and Feminine resting in a 69, a YinYang , Duality - conscious and unconsciously balanced forces.

Everything is created & birthed- an idea, a baby, a galaxy - in & from this YoniVerse, the Cosmic Womb, forger of all light & dark - life & death.

Here the Egg-in Energetic Balance-is the Genesis Womb Space -it is a Chrysalis. A space for transformation, where thought and spirit manifest into physical reality - the womb is a Chrysalis, our mind is a Chrysalis, our body is a Chrysalis, our relationships and homes and atmosphere can all be spaces for magical change.

I'm thrilled your here and that you can have this art and all it inspires. Choose your size from the drop down menu at the top.


*Each print has a thin border around it for easy framing for typical frame sizes.  The image is .5" smaller than the size listed. 

*All the prints will be ordered, signed & numbered together at the close of the show/ end of February. Then sent to you with some accentuations!  If you need it sooner I'm happy to help, please message or call me 414-324-5439* 

*Each size has a different aspect ration and so the original image is cropped accordingly.  Measure your space or frame so you can match the desired expectation!

*Limited to 50 signed numbered prints in this initial Edition

*If you would like me to tailor this artwork to your spacial and logistical needs please contact me and I can arrange everything for you, we can print it on any material at any size: 414.324.5439 / thesomashow@gmail.com 

© Artwork is copyright of Jennifer Espenscheid