'Vegus' - Art from The Chrysalis , Art Prints/ Shipping Included

'Vegus' - Art from The Chrysalis , Art Prints/ Shipping Included

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'Vegus'- 10th Cranial Nerve connecting all our Body's Systems..Chrysalis

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Offered as Signed & numbered limited edition of 50  thick lustrous high-quality ArtPrints; 16x20/ $139, 24x36/ $229 & 36x48 / $319.

All prints will be come with Certificate of Authenticity and Information about the Piece. SHIPPING INCLUDED. Prints will be created together at the closing of the show, Artwork can be expected by Mid March!
If you want a special size or material I can tailor to your custom needs, please see print details at the end of this information.

The Vegus Nerve (the 10th Cranial Nerve) runs from our Limbic Brain & Brain-stem (home of our Pituitary and Pineal glands which regulate our Hormones and release chemicals that direct our systems, as well as  the Hypothalamus that connects our Nervous System and Endocrine System) leaving thru our Medulla Oblongata, passing down over our Thyroid (the gland responsible for regulating our energy) and vocal cords on either side of our neck, around our Heart & Lungs where the Thymus rests, the gland that houses the nursery for our immune system and signals chemicals of love and wellbeing, then in and out of our organs and glands including our pancreas, adrenals, kidneys and our Digestive System.  Our Digestive System, our second Brain, is the home of trillions of organisms that make up our gut biome, they keep our body in peak condition, nourishing, healing, networking.  The correlation between many cognitive and mental disorders and the health of the digestive universe is direct and magnificent.  The Nerve continues its journey thru our body around our Sexual/ Reproductive organs, womb, & cervix and ends where our digestive system leaves our body.

The Vegus nerve is the energetic highway of information between all these organs, systems and the 2-3 lbs of organisms in our intestines that are not Human.  This crucial, easily accessible, magical, massive ‘wandering’ pair of infinitely informative tendrils called the Vegus unite all the obvious and hidden parts of our physical body with our mental and emotional states, as well as our chemical and electrical compositions & complexities.  It is a physical attribute that accesses our spirit.  We can both count on it and ignore it We can take Vegus for granted -its selfless tireless sacred efforts. We can tone it, offer it attention and additional fuel for even better results and healing. 

Because it is inside us we can access it with our mind (our thoughts create neurotransmitters, chemicals that effect every nerve and cell), because it touches our lungs we can massage it with our breath. It passes over our voice-box so humming, chanting, & singing tone Her and because it comes close to the surface around our throat we can stimulate it further with touch, external vibration and electricity.  This intentional attention increases the firing of information. It speeds, makes more efficient, and increasingly intelligent all the processes of our Autonomic Parasympathetic Systems like digestion, breathing & heartbeat as well as the repair of our cells and the calm of our mood. So by taking care of the Vegus Nerve we take care of the gut, we are then simultaneously attending to our mental health, our chemical health, our regenerative systems and our cognitive function.  Our emotional state is that of our physical state -all connected by this flowing bundle of sensory, motor, and autonomic fibers. 

The Vegus connects the ENS, The Enteric Nervous System, which  is embedded in the lining of the gastrointestinal system, beginning in the esophagus and extending down to the anus with the Sympathetic Nervous System, responsible for preparing the body for survival, fight flight or freeze, and the Parasympathetic Nervous system, in charge of keeping g the body repaired, at peace and calm, and in balance. All three are crucial yet we have not evolved to  respond appropriately to all stimulus and our SNS is often inadvertently and unconsciously in charge, keeping our bodies and minds in a state of fear and bathed in those chemicals as opposed to returning quickly to the natural Parasympathetic healthy state of homeostasis, contentment and joy.  The Vegus, being the communicator and connector or these three Systems of Nerves we contain can be cared for by our thinking Brain and accessed thru actions and processes like meditation, healthy habits, humming, toning etc to return the body more quickly to a system bathed in wonderful hormones like oxytocin, balances of melatonin and serotonin in our daily cycle, & endorphins.

When our Sympathetic Systems run wild and unthoughtfully we devolve into depression, our cells don't reproduce well, our systems cant communicate well and falter, we become clogged, in pain and sad.  Dis-ease and unease set in.  We dim our potential and our light and our effectiveness as Conscious Beings. When the PNS is purposefully predominant the majority of the time the body easily repairs, we are loving, we are energetic, we are brilliant, we are inventive, we laugh, we are in symbiosis with our environments, we evolve. 

It is also worth contemplation that the Chakras align with our Endocrine Glands and the Vegus Nerve interacts with every one of them.  Whatever your beliefs about what the Energy Centers access, literally and or metaphorically, the Vegus is the key to their bold health.

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*Limited to 50 signed numbered prints in this initial Edition

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© Artwork is copyright of Jennifer Espenscheid