'The Chrysalis' / Art from The Chrysalis- The SomaShow, 2021 - Digital File or Custom Reproduction

'The Chrysalis' / Art from The Chrysalis- The SomaShow, 2021 - Digital File or Custom Reproduction

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'The Chrysalis' 

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     This piece synopsizes all the stages of the Butterfly's life.  Find the Eggs, Caterpillar, Pupa, Chrysalis...then find you.

 Chrysalis/ Cocoon, a noun- what a caterpillar makes around themselves- the silk casing they spin - before it turns into a pupa and eventually emerges from it as a Butterfly/ Moth.

    Chrysalis means "gold sheath," is a shell or casing in which an insect is developing; the word comes from the Greek word ‘ khrysallis’-  ‘khrysos’ meaning  “gold”.

    Figuratively Chrysalis means any state of protected early development….a place where one can be in a state of ‘Being in Transition or Transformation’.

    For me a Chrysalis is a Holy Container. A space created and or entered with purpose and intention. Within, the laws of the Universe are suspended and complete transformation can occur….letting go what you no longer agree with, keeping the parts that you do, and morphing into who you will be.

    A Caterpillar is born from an egg and its basic desire is to consume. So it eats and grows, eventually- with the signaling of her hormones the hunger stops and she seeks a branch or twig to attach to with silk, often hanging precariously in the open void the caterpillar will know, having never spun anything before, to continue weaving the container from base to over its head.  Inside the body cells liquify, become completely un-caterpillar’ and reassemble in an entirely new form, without a mouth, long legs, and wings’ this complete transformation is called Metamorphosis.

    Scientists can find tiny parts of a butterfly in a caterpillar and in the Chrysalis they can find cells of organs that remain in the goo from the caterpillar.  Habits and reactions can also carry over.  Butterfly's who were exposed to certain sensory stimulations as a caterpillar will still recognize them as a winged incarnation.  So the essence of the soul or Being is kept in the re-assembly. This shows that some parts, perhaps the essence or sacred information, is always present in the creature.  As metaphors this could be construed as the Soul or in our early stages our individual possibility.  The essence of what we can become and conversely what we always were.

     It may be considered instinct or longing or nature that drives a caterpillar to create a cocoon or chrysalis yet as metaphor this courage and trust of ones intrinsic drive and longing for change is to be deeply considered. To dissolve the ego, disassemble the walls that have been erected for your whole life, dismantle all ideas, beliefs, habits, and ways of living.  Completely surrender physical and mental reality-  deprogram & reboot- and emerge as something else.  Even more you.

    With the the Covid experience in 2020 we were put into a more cohesive, although volatile state as Humans. With the Virus we were given something in common and with the decisions to quarantine and limit external activity we were all given the opportunity to shine our attention not on the outside environment as a caterpillar does, but enter an inward curiosity of becoming.   We don’t know when we will emerge yet we can trust our inner knowing to light the way.  It's a bright darkness in the Chrysalis, it's not entirely comfortable.  

   The images in The Chrysalis, this Soma Show, are meant to provoke thoughts of the Chrysalis that we are- the places we can choose to retreat to for nourishment, rejuvenation,  Reconnect with Self, purpose, Heal, Create, Return to Source. The place that thru various ways like meditation One can tap into  information and re-member.

    The Chrysalis is to be considered on every scale- the skull as a Sacred Container,  Our Mind, The Body. I call our Home ‘The Chrysalis’ as it contains a safe and infinitely varied Structure for wonderment and learning and its where my children are transforming.  Our van I call ‘Chryssa’- its a container that takes us amazing places to grow and experience. Gatherings are Chrysalis for expansion of  Our collective minds. Our Galaxy, contained by Gravity offer us a place to expand and evolve. The most powerful example of a chrysalis would be an Egg and Uterus / Womb.  The ultimate Sacred Space for creation, transformation and manifestation.

If you would like me to tailor this artwork to your spacial and logistical needs please contact me and I can arrange everything for you: thesomashow@gmail.com


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