'StarTetraHeadron' - Art from The Chrysalis , Art Prints/ Shipping Included

'StarTetraHeadron' - Art from The Chrysalis , Art Prints/ Shipping Included

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 'StarTetraHeadron'...our mind, energy body, the merkaba....all Chrysalis

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Offered as Signed & numbered limited edition of 50  thick lustrous high-quality ArtPrints; 16x20/ $139, 24x36/ $229 & 36x48 / $319.

All prints will be come with Certificate of Authenticity and Information about the Piece. SHIPPING INCLUDED. Prints will be created together at the closing of the show, Artwork can be expected by Mid March!
If you want a special size or material I can tailor to your custom needs, please see print details at the end of this information.

When you connect the centers of the circles in the Flower of life you get a Star Tetrahedron- This Sacred Design made up of Feminine Circles and Masculine Lines and angles is known as Metatrons Cube.  You can continue to create  larger shapes by extending the circles and lines for infinity.  It is an endless fractal zoom with all the platonic solids repeating. 

Sonic Geometry. The interior angles of a tetrahedron= 720. 720hz is  F#, the same as two circles (360+360) Not surprisingly this frequency is associated with intuition. 

This Sacred Shape shows the progression of dimension…three lines make a triangle (a polygon), 4 triangles = a tetrahedron (platonic solid), 2 tetrahedrons= a star tetrahedron. In life we may be missing dimensions because we cannot see them though we can find other ways to in-vision.

In this piece you see a Startetrahedron encompassing a body and in the head connecting our 3 eyes- called a Merkaba it is a spiritual vehicle. Its name, meaning Chariot- further broken down to ‘light, spirit, body’, is created when two tetrahedrons join. One pointing ‘up’ and the other ‘down’ and spinning in opposite directions.  I am reminded of YinYang forces, polarity and duality creating a whole and a balance of energy. You can create one around your body when you meditate, it offers protection and focus.  When I create a  Merkaba Im making an energetic Chrysalis for transformation transmission and translation of information. I am completely free and safe. 

Here the meditative figure is surrounded by a Merkaba. The StarTetrahedron  also illuminates her intuition connecting her 3D vision with the vast Inner Vision.  With Energy Centers light up, information flows freely to & from Her open Mind and The Void, infinitely richer than before.

I'm thrilled your here and that you can have this art and all it inspires. Choose your size from the drop down menu at the top.

*Each print has a thin border around it for easy framing for typical frame sizes.  The image is .5" smaller than the size listed. 

*All the prints will be ordered, signed & numbered together at the close of the show/ end of February. Then sent to you with some accentuations!  If you need it sooner I'm happy to help, please message or call me 414-324-5439* 

*Each size has a different aspect ration and so the original image is cropped accordingly.  Measure your space or frame so you can match the desired expectation!

*Limited to 50 signed numbered prints in this initial Edition

*If you would like me to tailor this artwork to your spacial and logistical needs please contact me and I can arrange everything for you, we can print it on any material at any size: 414.324.5439 / thesomashow@gmail.com 

© Artwork is copyright of Jennifer Espenscheid