LoveBuzz T-shirt

LoveBuzz T-shirt

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This is Oxytocin- the 'Love Molecule' placed right over your HeArt! 

Im so happy to have produced these Shirts!  They are a soft flexible cotton fabric  so they offer you a great fit and feel and will last and wear very well.  These designs are created by me and silkscreened here in the 414/ MKE & the shirts are produced by a 'social-responsible' company... Next Level

The Beautiful Story behind this design...

LoveBuzz is a representation of the complex and gorgeous oxytocin molecule, also called the Love Hormone.  It is crucial for birth, labor, pair bonding, muscle repair and a sense of belonging and well being.  Oxytocin is created in an intricate way in our endocrine system primarily in the hypothalamus, where it is either released into the blood via the pituitary gland, to the nervous system and  is distributed  to the oxytocin receptors of every cell.

It inhibits the feelings of fear and anxiety and we can rest, repair, and boost our immune systems.  You feel the LoveBuzz, you are a  LoveBug and you keep spreading the chemical and the feeling.  Love is also viral and unstoppable if we pay attention.

Our HeArt is our compass, Love conquers all, and the thymus- our Immune Systems Nursery rests here with our Heart.  In an unprecedented era when we cannot touch or hug, our bodies do not produce the oxytocin we need to bond, cooperate, and thrive as Human individuals or networks. In times of stress or confusion we often console one another and bolster spirits with embrace.  This signals our endocrine system to release healthy hormones and we have a sense of wellBeing.  When our Heart is Healthy our Thymus has energy and our systems are strong.  When our Hearts are starved and our bodies filled with stress chemicals our immune system suffers and our bodies and mood are compromised. Right at the time they need to be the most robust and glowing.  

These shirts are messages to our unconscious, conscious and all who see us.  These designs Hug our bodies, the emblems rest over the Heart and Thymus.  A blessing, a purposeful mantra, a meaningful inspiration to ourselves and to everyone that we are full of love and strength.  We got this.