'Lotix' / Art from The Chrysalis- The SomaShow, 2021 - Digital File or Custom Reproduction

'Lotix' / Art from The Chrysalis- The SomaShow, 2021 - Digital File or Custom Reproduction

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'Lotix'...The Lotus Blossom, the Phoenix Egg...Chrysalis

⚡️Available immediately as digital file downloads here-or I can tailor to your custom needs, please see details at the end of this information.⚡️

Here Lotus and the Phoenix are One with Her own kiss unlocking Her fiery Heart. We can feel our inner love set us free and be inspired to constantly burn down that which no longer serves us. We rise to the light of our possibility and potential. 

The Phoenix is a Mythological Bird who burns himself and from the ashes his egg is hatches. She represents transformation, death, and rebirth in its fire. As a powerful spiritual totem, the phoenix is the ultimate symbol of strength and renewal. As both a fire and solar symbol, the phoenix animal guide is symbolic of the sun, which “dies” in setting each night only to be reborn in rising the next morning.

We too can have a symbolic death in orgasm, sleep, shavasana (rest at the end of a yoga practice), or other spiritual dissolutioning of ego. We can let go our programming, our walls, the dogma, what we think we have to know and rise again anew, refreshed and lighter.

The Lotus, a aquatic plant, rises from the bottom of slow moving waters, originating in the muck and ascending to the light where it opens on the surface of the water to the Suns rays.  Symbolic of  blossoming and enlightenment in the realities of darkness, shadow, and challenge the Lotus has been sacred to cultures across the Earth through all of history.

With the Lotus as muse we can recognize our challenges, traumas, triggers and patterning as opportunities to grow from.  Without them we are not able to manifest in our true glory or brightens.

If you would like me to tailor this artwork to your spacial and logistical needs please contact me and I can arrange everything for you: thesomashow@gmail.com


I'm thrilled your here and that you can have this art and all it inspires in minutes!  Sized for easy framing you can download the file & print at home or send to your closest print shop. Various sizes are shown in the drop down menu.

*if you are purchasing on this site you are buying a digital download of the art* 

Each size has a different aspect ration and so the original image is cropped accordingly.  Measure your space or frame so you can match the desired expectation!

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*each file is sized as its title states at 300dpi for crisp clear reproductions!

*Prints are sent as digital files at the size purchased. *The sizes are created for popular sized frames and the art is fit to the opening of the mat/ frame with a 1/4 border all around for easy framing. *Please contact me for additional prints, custom sizes, and commercial applications.  *Signature watermark is not present in the PDF download file and the print is signed on the bottom. * 

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No physical product will be shipped and the frame is not included. Colors may vary slightly due to different color monitors/printers. If you are sending this to a print company they have permission to make one print. This purchase is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. © Artwork is copyright of Jennifer Espenscheid