The Inner Alliance Animal Oracle ... 55 5x7 Card Deck! Free Shipping

The Inner Alliance Animal Oracle ... 55 5x7 Card Deck! Free Shipping

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 Inner Alliance Animal Oracle Cards  - such a beautiful way to illuminate your inner light in this new and better year!

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*PDF download of 6 Card Spreads I created for you...will be emailed separately  so check your spam folder

*Sticker (who doesn't love stickers!?)

The Inner Alliance Limited 2020 1st  Edition- Earth's Wild Animals have messages of power for you!  54 Animals plus Virus (as 1st Edition bonus) gathered together in a 5x7 Oracle Deck.  The gorgeous artwork created just for this deck is paired with the inspiration from each Creature on the back & rest in a hinged metal tin as their protective Home. Each is a one of a kind, meaningful, meditative original that will be with you for a lifetime of contemplation, inner development &  joy.

(actual product much better looking than images! 😉) 

*Signed & Numbered in gold paint on the interior artwork in each metal box.

*Produced locally with amazing quality & care in Milwaukee.  

*This 5x7 Oracle Deck is made up of  54 of Earth's Wild Animals plus one Virus (55 cards in total) with Powerful Oracle Messages on the back.  

*Each premium quality card is protected with  a Satin Aqueous Coating. 

*These Large Gorgeous Cards with inspired & lustrous Fresh works of art come in a protective Home, a Treasure Tin! 

*Included is  a color folding booklet that tells the story of their creation, how to use your Inner Alliance deck, How the Animals came to be & a little about the Artist and Author.  

*When you order your Oracle you receive a pdf with even more information and 6 CardSpreads created by the artist for you. They cover a variety of uses & are wonderful tools for your readings.  

*The Animals are wonderful for gatherings, make for fun conversations, and very thoughtful perspectives into  all kinds of situations.

*Amazing learning tools for children as they illuminate their inner strengths

*These make incredible gifts and can be sent straight to the recipient with love from you.

   May this treasure be an illumination for all time….Jennifer & the Alliance

Thankyou so much for your belief, support and inspiration during this whole creation process!