Inner Alchemy - Inspirational Digital Print Art (file download)

Inner Alchemy - Inspirational Digital Print Art (file download)

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Inner Alchemy . A representation of what I feel when I have a truly amazing can be in meditation, collaboration, in union with another, in dance,  in or outdoors.... when it happens my HeArt and Mind join -they are in synchronicity, on fire, in love, in-joy, vibrating in unison at a massive high frequency and the two become electro-magnetic generator/beacon that beams resilience -unparalleled, explosive, calm & powerful.  I feel a bursting and my body is bathed in the chemicals of creation and bliss.  This is Inner Alchemy and It creates what we feel in the material world.  This is a reminder of the powers we wield with focus and loving centered emotion. We can create this daily.-  living Whole Hearted.

⚡️And the great thing is there are heart and brain scans that show this happening, it's not just a 'feeling' or 'vision'...this is science💥

This is a file download so you can reproduce the original watercolor I painted last year.

I'm thrilled your here and that you can have this art and all it inspires in minutes!  Sized for easy framing you can download the file & print at home or send to your closest print shop. Various sizes are shown in the drop down menu.

*you are buying a digital download of the art* 

Each size has a different aspect ration and so the original image is cropped accordingly.  Measure your space or frame so we can match the desired expectation!

*additional images are to show how different your prints can look when you frame them in different styles

*Prints are sent as digital files at the size purchased. *The sizes are created for popular sized frames and the art is fit to the opening of the mat/ frame with a 1/4 border all around for easy framing. *Please contact me for additional prints, custom sizes, and commercial applications.  *Signature watermark is not present in the PDF download file and the print is signed on the bottom. * 

-- N O T E --

No physical product will be shipped and the frame is not included. Colors may vary slightly due to different color monitors/printers. If you are sending this to a print company they have permission to make one print. This purchase is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. © Artwork is copyright of Jennifer Espenscheid