'FormulaOne' / Art from The Chrysalis- The SomaShow, 2021 - Digital File or Custom Reproduction

'FormulaOne' / Art from The Chrysalis- The SomaShow, 2021 - Digital File or Custom Reproduction

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This is a Human Blueprint as it was shown to me in a Vision, here is the conversation followed by highlights and notes from the art....

Knowing without me explaining that I was seeking to understand my own healing and internal balance- She revealed to me a multi dimensional complex & fascinating amount of visual, auditory and sensory information. ’Whats this all about?’ I asked the CosmicOne while looking at swimming interactive vision she was allowing me to comprehend. It's a Formula for a Human, it's an alchemic recipe….each Human is different but the basics are the same.’ 

Without words I would be shown things. As I could understand a portion of Her information that area of the vision would ‘gel’ and we could move onto the next... different areas would light up and interact as the Divine Tutorial progressed.

‘To create Human Combine the Sacred Instructions from 2 Sources (who are in agreement on some level of consciousness to do so) with One Spark of Soul...stand back a watch as electricity, magnetism and Cosmic Evolutionary Intelligence brings together the ingredients.....Raw materials from the Cosmos: Per total of body weight , mix gently over time at 98.8 degrees F : Oxygen (O) – 65% , Carbon (C) – 18%, Hydrogen (H) – 10% , Nitrogen (N) – 3%, Calcium (Ca) – 1.4% , Phosphorus (P) – 1% , Potassium (K) – 0.25%, Sulfur (S) – 0.25% . The elements will organize into systems of circulation, movement, regulation, sensing, & protection. With chemicals & hormones as messengers, a living structure of bone and a container of skin...into a perfect highly functioning, organic, unique Being capable of communication, memory, learning, programming, longing, laughter, survival, reproduction, digestion, feeling, thinking, imagining, conjuring, creating, and destroying.’

‘This Being will not come fully formed, you have to care for it & that is the confusing part, for every interaction from conception will effect the equation & the journey, the balance of Masculine and Feminine.  When there is cohesion and the mix is healthy the Soul is integrated with the body, mentally and physically there is completion.’ As I understood this I saw the whole blueprint organize in DivineHarmony.  ’Often it seems this is difficult for Human’.  I watched the cohesive Vision scatter and glitch and get fuzzy...She continued, ‘This process of creating Human is called LIFE...It is never baked or ready...it is making and forming...it is a complex and curious cookie.

At some point this song-like technicolor teaching became more like a  memory than a new lesson, more a re-membering than a reckoning…it was familiar… ‘Human could be trusted all on its own if Human could retain it’s own navigation system, connection with Source, and innocence....it is helpful to re-mind the Human, Re-Member, the intrinsic Power it was created from and is born with.  (Um is She Re-Minding me?) This growing a Human process will open many avenues of thought for any Creative Force choosing to do so. It will bring madness and joy, it will astonish and terrify you....it will be a constant source of expansion and wonderment.  The opportunity is like no other in the Cosmos. You may wish to end your experience with your Human but this will not be possible as Humans reincarnate if something is left ‘undone’ or ‘unraveled’. There is nothing, in all the Universe, quite like Human.’

‘You want this?’..Re-Membering….’ You will become the ingredient of Spark.  You don't need to remember all that you see here...you will have a life to reformulate the parts your interested in, there will be help along the way and much of the assembly will automatically happen.  The Be Kind, Be Patient, Be Curious, Be Bold….now go….trust…LIVE.’

Some of the things I re-member from the vision...

‘Ones & Twos’Our ‘Twos’: Hemispheres of Brain, Eyes  Ears  Nostrils  Tonsils  Lungs  Kidneys  Adrenals, Ovaries, Testes, Breasts, Arms, Legs…

Our ‘Ones’: Heart, Liver, Pancreas, Liver, Digestive tract, Vagina, Penis, Mouth. Our Glands/ Energy Centers: Pineal, Pituitary, Hypothalamus, Thyroid,  Thymus… 

We have ‘One’ openings at the beginning and end of the digestive tract for nutrition and where we eliminate. It is how we sustain and detox ourselves. Our ‘Ones’ that are our sex organs & our Mouth are where we can join and Two bodies can become One - this is where we can create life.

The Human body is the sign of the Cross. We intersect at the Heart. HeartCentered.  Our hands carry out the direction of the Heart and Mind, our arms are our wings.

Our legs are our roots, our transportation, our freedom, our base and structure.

We have 3 Brains, The Brain, Heart, and Intestines. When these are connected and clear the Whole Being functions highly and happily.

Every body was started when an egg from the ovaries of a female and a sperm from the testes of a  male join and are fertilized, they each have 23 chromosomes that pair to give the new life 46.    Each chromosome(the pair is X shaped) is made up of a coiled strand of DNA with Telomeres at each end.    DNA-deoxyribonucleic acid, is the molecule that contains the genetic code (instructions for how proteins and enzymes should behave) of all organisms. They are in the nucleus of  every cell.

There is a Masculine and Feminine Force that brings balance to the Universe, too populations, to Par Relationships and most importantly to Individual Human Beings.

The Human Body is proportioned on the Golden Section and Fibinochi Sequence. This Sacred or Divine proportion is seen through out our world and Universe. 

The average adult human brain weighs around 3 pounds & is cm long.It has 86-100 billion neurons in it, possibly the same amount as stars in the universe.

Divided into two hemispheres the Right side controls the left and the left side of the brain controls the right side of the body.

Neurons Fire and wire, the more you think a thought or practice a movement the thicker the connection will become until its automatic- a habit.  This can be a mood or shooting a free-throw. 

Mind your thoughts as they create neurotransmitters. Your thoughts become chemical molecules that run your body.

All the organs, especially the heart and brain emit energy. The Human Body has a Tarus shaped energy field emanating from it. As does the Earth.  Tarus Fields are shaped like a donut, our is oriented with the center at our head and feet, the Earth at her magnetic poles. We can effect the strength of our Field and we can feel others energy fields, when we are close we share energy.

We live in a world of frequency or vibration. Frequency is the number of repeating vibrations/ sound waves that occur in a second. These are measured in hertz (Hz).

All things have a frequency. Higher frequency in the body, results in better health- a normal healthy body emits 62–72 MHz. When the body drops below we begin to get sick. For example, if our frequency drops to 58 MHz, then we are likely to get a cold or flu. If our frequency drops to 42 MHz, we become susceptible to cancer and Dis-ease within the body. The lower the frequency, the closer we are to death.

Brain waves and Heart Beat can come together in cohesion for greater existence. Our thoughts and emotions control our brainwaves, our electrical current, our frequency!


1=Human head height (8ish)

1=20’ of digestive tract (20-30‘)

1=10,000 of Arteries Capillaries & Veins (60,000 miles- 2x around  Earth)

1= 10 trillion gut bacteria in the human biome (approx 100 trillion)

1= 35 trillion virus in our human virome (350 trillion)

1= 100 ML cerebral spinal fluid in the body (150 give or take, about 2/3 cup)

1’=1000 ml blood (In our body's circulatory system 1.2-1.5 gallons / 10% of our body weight)

1= 1’ of DNA in each cell, (6’) all our cells DNA equals (10-15 billion miles) 2x the diameter of the solar system

1= diameter of solar system (7+ billion) equal to 1/2 the body's DNA unraveled

1= 10 billion neurons in the human brain (86-100 billion total- approx the same as stars in our galaxy)


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