Art from The Chrysalis

A Chrysalis is the silk casing a caterpillar is compelled to spin around their body when they are no longer hungry for food but something else. Inside the Chrysalis, meaning ‘gold’ in greek, the caterpillar liquifies, transforms and emerges a butterfly.  That time between is magical, dangerous  & ripe with possibility.  

2020 was (2021 still is) one such space for change. With the Covid experience we were put into a more cohesive, although volatile state as Humans. With the Virus we were given something in common and with the decisions to quarantine and limit external activity we were all given the opportunity to shine our attention not on the outside environment as a caterpillar does, but enter an inward curiosity of becoming.

For me a Chrysalis is a Holy Container. A space created and or entered with purpose and intention. By letting go what you no longer agree with we are free to morph into our highest potential.  I invite you to in-joy this collection - consider with curiosity & awe The Chrysalis on every scale- the skull,  our imagination, The Body, Relationships, a room, our Collective Mind, our Galaxy & the ultimate creative space- the Womb

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