Infinite Love Medallion-  free shipping!

Infinite Love Medallion- free shipping!

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❤️Infinite Love Medallions❤️

This Medallion is an ode to your joy-filled whole-HeArted life. I designed this stainless steel pendant in two laser cut parts, a HeArt overlapping 4 open HeArts connected in back with a weld, sanded and then 'heat painted' with my oxy/ acetylene torch with great intention- baptized by the fires and forge of creation.

This design represents the purity (stainless will not corrode and is lovely even on the most sensitive of skin) and absolute power (unbendable and able to withstand great hardship)  of Love

The creation has layered meanings and reminds us to lead with strength and compassion.  ❤️Infinite Love Medallion often looks like a compass (your HeArt is your compass- your internal navigation to follow beautifully), ❤️a HeArt and crossbones (leading with love and backed fiercely), ❤️a metal tortured relic (as often our HeArts have been thru so much sorrow and feel broken), ❤️and a graceful arrangement of liquid color set in metal (thru it all we can grow and evolve with love and remain open).  

As it rests over your HeArt -feel the true power….beating since before your birth, an electro-magnetic force that never tires or pauses- keeping every cell of your Being nourished and thriving.  This is your generator, your center.

1000s of these Infinite Love Necklaces were gifted at Burning Man 2016 and since ❤️  and now, with this series, you can give this gift of compassion and openness in a time when harnessing the power of our creative HeArts is more important than ever.

❤️‘Maintenance’- Each is unique, the welds and burns and colors vary- its your original. This design isn’t easy, don’t wear this with your finest lace or expect it will never tangle.  Like life and love It may snag and catch and remind you ‘this takes work’- its like a little hello…and ask a friend on the dance floor to help you sort it out.  You can tie and re-tie your silk cords so ILM hangs at an angle or straight.  You can detach the cords and wire it to your hat- a very badass beacon of what you stand for!  Its a good idea to hang it when your not wearing it so it doesn’t end up in a messy heap and when your travel keep the ILM wrapped in tissue with the cords hanging freely.  Every now and then put tension on the adjustable knots so they don’t loosen. As you navigate with your juju it will take on a character and life of its own.  In-Joy.

Each Medallion is tied with plenty of room to fit over even the largest melon then knotted so you can adjust to can adjust to hang at different lengths with different looks and clip and retie for kids or if there's too much material!

❤️Tied, Packed, and sent with love and wishes for many a HeArt Felt Adventure by Jennifer, Veda and Nika. ❤️ 

If you want to change your cords or hang another way watch this youtube video on how to easily retie the slipknots!  This sweet Lady does a great tutorial!