LOVE Seeds Shirts...Free Shipping

LOVE Seeds Shirts...Free Shipping

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These hand silk-screened shirts are designed (by us), produced (Reaction GFX), and lovingly distributed (by E3)from right here in MKE! Ths shirts are amazingly soft and socially-responsible / ethically made by Bella + Canvas (see link at bottom)

❤️Love Seeds is a reminder of the creative power we have when we live with an open HeArt and give without expectation.  Each encounter is a chance to plant a seed of love, inspiration, joy, curiosity and wonder.  What happens from there is unimaginable as the seeds you plant grow, flourish, fruit and send more seeds out into the cosmic pool of energy.  Something as simple as a smile, hug, or kind word can expand someone's day and the exchanges you light up in them will be played forward exponentially. 

 ❤️This design, placed over our HeArt, is a declaration to ourselves and to all that a healthy strong loving center can overcome any challenge and bring greater awareness, knowledge and health to our systems.  Our body, community, and world systems. 🌍🌏🌎🌔🌞⚡️🌈☀️❄️💦

❤️Our HeArt shares space with our Thymus- the nursery of our Immune System.  When this electromagnetic powerhouse is thriving so is our parasympathetic nervous system and health!  

❤️💐🌼☘️🍄🌹🌺🌻🌱A packet of flower seeds comes with your shirt…. Seeds are magic waiting to become. Take a few moments and plant it somewhere and in-joy.  The significance is that you gave the flower life with your intention and action. Both you and the seed will be a fuller, freer, whole-hearted version of yourself. 

❤️Feel the creative seeds of your HeArt Center swirl and manifest beauty all around you.

❤️For additional seed planting there is a Code on the back of your shirt that tells the story and will help the message spread in a lovely viral way!  Share the message and the Love!

Ryan and Jennifer

⚡️Our story....we met only a few years ago- Brother and Sister arranged by the Universe  and have been inspired to create even more ever since.  Ryan is a musician and Im a visual artist....there's so much we want to inspire and manifest- We hope you enjoy!⚡️


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