❤️⚓️HeArtAnchor⚓️❤️ Shirts for the WholeHeArted

❤️⚓️HeArtAnchor⚓️❤️ Shirts for the WholeHeArted

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What feels better than being deeply centered, anchored in light and self love, while being ultimately free and open hearted?  I can’t think of any better state to be in.

This is living In-Joy! & you get free shipping!

 HeArtAnchor is my creation design to remind us when we are centered in our Heart, lead with love, and  are connected to a calm and light filled mind we are the Ultimate Creators!  We cannot be pushed around, lead astray, come apart, or ever lose our way.  When we have the strong connection (chain) between our imaginative Brain and our open Heart we are magical. The HeArt,  our manifesting electromagnetic generator, beating every moment of every day of our life. 

Wearing this symbol on your chest declares your gorgeous position in this Universe.  One of ultimate groundless in Light.

And a strong When our Heart is strong and we are happy the chemicals of love and joy are released bolstering our immune system and well being.

A loving Heart is the Best Medicine for all times.

Offered in MUSCLE Tank, W= Womens 'Boyfriend T', and U= Unisex/Mens crew and all with my signature

These direct to garment printed shirts are designed (by me), produced (Redwall), and lovingly distributed (by E3) from right here in MKE! Ths shirts are amazingly soft, comfortable and socially-responsible / ethically made by Next Level... FREE SHIPPING!!

My Custom Work: